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Discover Vlieland

Vlieland is an uncluttered but versatile island. It is an island ideally suited for those seeking peace and quiet, but also for the adventurous. Below you will find some of our tips for a stay at our hotel.

Explore Vlieland by bike

The means of transportation on car-free Vlieland is, of course, the bicycle! Explore the 26 kilometers of bike paths that lead along the dunes and through the forest. The mushrooms show you the way so getting lost is not possible. Book a bike package with us so the bike is ready when you arrive on the island and you don't have to think about it anymore.

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The ultimate beach day!

Vlieland's beaches are known as one of the most beautiful in the Netherlands. Whereas on beautiful beach days all of the Netherlands runs out to places like Zandvoort and Scheveningen, on Vlieland you will never find crowds of tourists on the beach. The various outdoor and event agencies on the island organize various fun beach and water sports activities such as surfing, kiting and supping. Bare feet in the sand and enjoy. A bright sunset should not be missed, of course.

Seal sea safari

Vlieland offers numerous excursions for young and old. For example, a host of nature excursions can be booked through the visitor center De Noordwester. But what about an excursion in Vlielands own beer brewery or coffee roastery. On top of the Vuurboetsduin you will find an old water bunker that serves as a bunker for ripening Vlieland cheeses, the Cheese Bunker. But perhaps the most ultimate excursion is a trip across the Wad by boat or on foot. There is a lot to discover on Vlieland!
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Horse riding Vlielandhotel

Horse riding

Vlieland offers a lot of beautiful bridle paths that run through the island's forests and moors. On the back of the horse you can thus enjoy Vlieland's nature at its very best. Stable Edda is a management specifically for Icelanders. Manege de Seeruyter also offers other horse breeds. A beautiful ride on horseback over the beach of Vlieland is of course unforgettable!

Experience cultural Vlieland

Vlieland also has a lot to offer culturally. Admire the skeleton of a sperm whale in visitor center De Noordwester or experience what it's like to walk through a World War II trench in Bunkermuseum Stelling 12H. We also have Museum Tromps Huys, located in one of Vlieland's oldest buildings. Here you will learn all about Vlieland's maritime past. A visit to our lighthouse, located on the highest dune in the Netherlands, cannot be missed.

Vlieland lighthouse
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Tickets and further suggestions?

Our reception staff will be happy to advise you on finding and booking a fun activity.